Thursday, November 29, 2007

Step-Up Your Vocab and Feed the World

Jay-Z says:

and help feed the world

learn more vocab and feed the world
click the image and go

If you've got an idea how we can work this into the class, for points, say so in the comments.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Staying on Track Week 14

It's time to finish your Unit 3 project. Remember that this project is all about teamwork and how our government has to work together to get anything done. Did you decide to work with anyone else on this project? It's kind of odd that you can complete a project about teamwork without having to do any, no? Oh, well.

working together for a better future

Let me know what you think about working in groups in this school. Is it something that you'd like to do or something that you'd rather not deal with. (blogball points anyone?)

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Recruiting for Recycling

Ok, so I had another Idea to gain support for this whole recycling idea I'm trying to push. I've Ok'd it with Mr. Moses, so here it is. I think a great way to gain support would be a petition. Try and get as many people as possible from the school to sign it, and then hand it back to Mr. Moses. So here's what I need. About two people from each class day to volunteer to take the paper around through the different classes, and get it signed by as many students as possible. I'll take care of teachers. I can also take care of Monday PM, since it's my class day. I would like to get about eight more people, for the different days and times. Thats Monday AM, Tuesday AM, Tuesday PM, and so on.

ALSO, I think Mr. Moses said something about extra credit for helping out with this, but he'll have to explain that part.Anyways, please leave a comment here if your interested!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

A new cartoon!

Here's a cartoon for you blog readers to ponder about over this short school week.

When I first read this cartoon, it took me a couple of minutes to get it. I now realize the humor in it. Doesn't it seem that ever since Al Gore came on to the scene talking about things like global warming and problems with nature, that it's now a big deal? People are only starting to realize things that other people have been talking about for years. Why did it it take Al Gore to make our society take a second look? I have no bad feelings toward Al Gore and what he's raising awareness for, but why does it take someone with a big name to raise awareness for such a cause? Makes you think about our society, doesn't it?

This cartoon was created by Mike Lester of Rome News Tribune, Rome, GA.

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PowerPoint Help

Lots of students have been taking the offer to do their unit projects in PowerPoint. Those that have, have done a great job. I want to help each of you create presentations that will knock people's socks off and avoid this situation:

toothpaste for dinner

I offer you this PowerPoint to give you guidance.

Get flash player to play to this file

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Staying on Track Week 13

Quarter 2 - Week 4

Veteran's Day followed by Thanksgiving, I love November!

This week you need to work on Part 2 of your project Unit 3 project.

This part of your project can be a little confusing, so check this out...

Start with each branch of the government and then decide who the most important two are three people are. List their names and what they do in their branch. The explain what each of these people do to make our government work. Explain how they do what they do.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys. :)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mitt Romney and his New Christian Friends!

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Republican Presidential Hopeful, has found support in an unlikely place. Bob Jones University, teaches that the Mormon Church is a cult, but it seems the University, and it's leaders, such as Bob Jones III (University Founders Grandson), and Robert Taylor, a Top Dean at the University, have put there faith in Romney as a President. Also he has gained the support of Don Wilton, the past president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention and pastor of a nearby megachurch, as well as Dr. John Willke, a founder and past president of the National Right to Life Committee. Altogether, it seems that, while some disagree with the tenets of his Mormon faith, some have decided to support Romney in his quest for Presidency.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Unit 3 Project Example - Good Work, Chris F.

Here's a great example of a complete Unit 3 project.

Get flash player to play to this file

A little too small for you to read? Download the PowerPoint here.

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Staying on Track Week 12

Quarter 2 Week 3

Happy Veteran's Day! If you know anyone that's been in the military tell them thanks for getting you the day off, er, I mean joining the service. Seriously, thanks.

Warning, factoid ahead. Veterans day happens on 11/11 every year because 11/11/11 was the day that World War One (you know "The War to End All Wars") ended.

Points for commenting on who this is.

Alright, on to this class. It's time to start the Unit 3 project. This project is about the three branches of government and how they all have to work together to get anything done. By doing this project you'll learn how people on opposite teams have to work together, why our government is soooooooo slow at getting anything done (and why this may be a good thing), and what it takes to get anything done for our nation.

This week take a look at the Project Introduction and complete Part 1.

Part 1's all about who's who in our government and where the powers are. It's not tough. You just have to go find information. If you need any help let me know. :)

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Staying on Track 11

Quarter 2 Week 2


This unit is all about teamwork and how our government has to work together to get anything done. This week you need to complete the Unit 3 Lesson 3 assignment. Before you get there there's a game for you to play on the introduction page.

That's about it. Make sure you check out the bookmarks for this Unit. There's a lot of information there that will help you complete the assignment.

Next week we are going to start the project for this unit, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tell you about that next week.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Computers Hate Me Week

Hi Guys,

The class blog is down, apparently, for a little while.  Sorry for the test posts.  Class bloggers, hang tight I'll have a solution as soon as I can.

Oh!  and YouTube hates me this week too.  Either I can't connect to the server to make my video or the audio all comes out like white noise.


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