Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Political Update

Hey guys, its been awhile. ;)

Anyone been keeping an eye on the Presidential Campaign? Not surprisingly, Huckabee is out for the Republican Nomination, so McCain is the Presumptive Nominee. But it seems the race for the democratic Nomination is where the spotlight has been the past few weeks. Last I checked, Obama was ahead with 1,629 pledged delegates, while Clinton was a very close second, counting 1,486 pledged delegates. Both candidates need 2,024 pledged delegates to win. Although Clinton is behind in delegates, CNN polls show her leading in favor for the upcoming primary in Pennsylvania. If she wins this with a nice gap, she could shoot ahead, although polls do show her favor slowly being chipped away, by Obama. While she does have the lead for now, Obama seems to be slowly growing in favor, while Clinton's favor is slowly going down for the April 22 Pennsylvania Primary.


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